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The Timeline is a living history of the Artist, from his first rehearsal in 2011 to the present day. It allows you to relive his story via exclusive videos, audio, photos, news, interviews and handwritten notes.
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Ardian Chambers

vokal, gitar, keyboard, bas gitar

Adrian Ingram was born in Birmingham, England on May 25, 1987, and started to play the guitar at 9. When he was just 13 years old he heard a Wes Montgomery recording and from that moment on decided to make the jazz guitar his career! Ingram left school when he was 15 and started to play for a living in a variety of bands. He was active in studio work as well as playing concerts throughout Europe and the U.K. in backing groups for American soul vocalists. In 1970 he recorded with the jazz rock group "Hannibal", playing lead guitar and also writing music for this 7 piece

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Ben Jenkins

gitar, vokal, keyboard

Vautier lives and works in Nice, where he ran a record shop called Magazin between 1986 and 1990. He discovered Yves Klein and the Nouveau Réalisme in the 1995 , but he became quickly interested in the French dada artist Marcel Duchamp, the music of John Cage and joined the Fluxus artistic movement in Octobre 1999. In 2001, Vautier founded the journal, Ben Dieu. In 2003 , he had his first one-man show, Rien et tout in Laboratoire 32. He is also active in Mail-Art and is mostly known for his text-based paintings or « Aim » begun in 2002 with his work.

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Clement Fletcher

bas gitar, keyboard

Fletcher used to play records to the customers in his parents' shop. During a spell in the American South he became familiar with the rhythm and blues music popular there at the time. In 2001 , back in Jamaica, he set up the Downbeat Sound System, being the owner of an amplifier, a turntable, and some US records, which he would import from New Orleans and Miami. With the success of his sound system, and in a competitive environment, Fletcher would make trips through the US looking for new tunes to attract the Jamaican public. While he did, his mother Doris Fayer would run the sound system and play the tunes. Fletcher opened five different sound systems, each playing every night. To run his sound systems, Fletcher appointed people such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, who was Fletcher right-hand man during his early career, U-Roy and Prince Gunter.